As we enter the month of February, we often get restless with thoughts of spring. The days get a little bit longer, and we look forward to spending more time outdoors.

With the holidays in our rear view mirror, however, it’s not so uncommon that we might be feeling somewhat tired and sluggish, and in fact, it’s a frequent comment I hear from my clients. “I’m so tired of winter,” or “Winter just makes me feel tired!” Aside from shorter days and colder weather, many people start feeling overwhelmed between October and January, and even into February. When you consider work, family, and all the events that happen from Halloween all the way to the Super Bowl, it’s no wonder people get tired. Often it’s a time that we overindulge, and maybe eat or drink things that aren’t so great for us.

Oops, I might have overindulged these last few months. What should I do now??

Well, there are many things you can do of course. That’s the great news! Aside from my Detox 101 course which can get your eating habits back on track, I highly recommend getting a body wrap. Not only will you look and feel great (and yes, it’s possible that it can help you lose a pound or two), but it will draw many toxins out of your body. Obviously, this is a good thing, but it’s also part of why you’ll feel so good afterwards. (Incidentally, the dietary detox also lends itself to getting the most out of your body wrap!)

The Body Wrap Process

A complete dry brush body exfoliation is the first step. Exfoliating will cleanse your skin, slough away dead cells, and open up your pores so that the Dead Sea Mud can easily pull the toxins out of your body and through the skin. The dry brush process increases blood flow in order to get more healthy oxygen to your cells.

Next, the Dead Sea Mud is applied to the skin from the shoulders to the feet (“head-to-toe”) wrap. Over 17 trace minerals are found in the Dead Sea Mud that is applied (perhaps most important is magnesium). These minerals are infused into the body transdermally which is found to be one of the most effective ways to receive its benefits, versus taking an oral magnesium supplement.

Once the mud has been carefully applied, the plastic sheets are wrapped around the client’s body who lying comfortably in a soothing and dimly lit room. The manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage of the face and neck come next. This process moves the lymph more quickly to the terminus, which I fondly call the recycling center. Mostly with the MLD massage you’ll notice the difference internally (in other words you’ll feel better), however people that have puffy eyes, bags, or circles under the eyes may see a difference afterwards. The Dead Sea minerals in the wrap (again, especially magnesium) will also help with aches, pains, or inflammation that you may have been experiencing.

The time of the wrap can vary from person to person, depending on the level of toxins in the body.

Time to Unwrap!

You will notice that your skin feels tighter and smoother, and you may have actually lost a pound or two, which is often related to water retention. Chances are, you really will look and feel better!

Entire time is about an hour including resting time which is about 20 minutes. Afterwards you will shower to remove the mud, and finally, shea butter lotion is applied.

How do I maintain this?

This is the most common question that I hear from my clients after a body wrap. Yes, It can be maintained! I can help you maintain your fabulous new you with one-on-one nutritional health coaching. To get in touch, just call or fill out the contact form below. Please feel free to comment here, or ask questions!