Learning to Love Your Body

As strange as it might sound, being comfortable in your skin starts with your attitude about yourself. In other words, the person that you see when you look in the mirror might seem different to you than the person that you know you are inside… or you may feel that one reflects the other.

How do you really feel about what’s inside? As you learn to give yourself the love you deserve on every level, you begin to realize the importance of showing your physical body the loving kindness and respect that it deserves.

It’s been said that our bodies are our temples. What does this mean? If we were to think of it in spiritual terms, a temple is a place of worship. These places are usually treated with great reverence and care because this is a way to provide a peaceful, serene, and nurturing environment for the purpose of contemplation and the pursuit of a higher purpose.

So just as a messy or dirty temple is not conducive to pursuing higher matters, a body that is cluttered with toxins, unhealthy fats and chemicals is going to have some challenges with being a great host to the person that inhabits it. A body that is being given proper and healthful nutrients along with exercise and good rest will typically function better on every level. The brain will have the opportunity to think more clearly. The liver and kidney will be less taxed, and so will work better and more smoothly, and the same is true for the other organs and systems.

Each way in which the body is given care and attention helps to expand its opportunity to create the best possible environment for its person. And just as the person needs a happy, healthy body; the body needs a happy, healthy spirit. So you see, they really do reflect one another, and depend on one another.

If you have had a tendency to put yourself down or talk or think negatively about particular parts of your body, it’s a good idea to be aware of this tendency so that you can nip it in the bud. If, for example, you say something such as, “I hate my thighs,” then it’s important to see how that negative talk about yourself can be damaging and self-sabotaging. Instead, tell yourself that you love your thighs because they are a part of your body that you love, and for which you are grateful. As you take these little steps to create a positive attitude about yourself, your new and wonderful self-image will carry you forward on the path to a happier, healthier, and more physically fit you.

Start small and make a few simple changes at a time.

By simply making some easy adjustments in your daily routine, you will begin to notice some positive changes in the way you feel, and if you’re trying to lose weight, you will likely start to see the pounds drop off as well. By starting with small changes, and then moving on to new ones as you become more comfortable with your adjustments, you’ll realize the benefits of a gradual approach. It’s about developing better habits that you can live with and enjoy as opposed to a crash diet that just isn’t realistic.

So for example, if you live close to your place of work, but you usually drive, you might consider walking to work when the weather is nice. In terms of your diet, maybe you currently eat a number of processed foods, or maybe you’re accustomed to eating rich foods.

In regards to processed foods, there are many more in the average American’s diet than is typically realized. Generally speaking, by making some small dietary modifications over time, you can learn through your observations what foods work best for you.

Now that I’ve said that… there is a great way to jumpstart your journey to a healthier lifestyle. A manageable food cleanse gives your body the break it needs and rids you of toxins that have been building up inside—making it easier to break away from the unhealthy habits that have been holding you back.

My Detox 101 program is your ticket! If you’re ready to get on board, contact me for a free consultation via telephone or the contact form below. Questions, or thoughts you’d like to share? Please feel free to comment and join the discussion. Looking forward to hearing from you!